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Vinyl Overhangs

Accenting the soffit areas of a home is a great way to finish off the exterior. Create a distinctive look that lasts and requires virtually no up keep. Vinyl soffit protects your roof overhangs and porch ceilings from damaging moisture more efficiently than painted wood.

Direct Source offers Cedar Reflections vinyl soffit by Norandex. Cedar Reflections is engineered and manufactured for lasting performance. It has a low gloss random grained finish that replicates the look of a natural cedar wood. Cedar Reflections soffit is available in solid panels, full vent lanced, or with an efficient ventilation system called Hidden Ridge. Cedar Reflections is offered in a variety of colors.

Direct Source also offers vinyl soffit by LP. These premium vinyl soffit panels are finished with a durable matte texture that never needs painting. LP also has a unique invisible venting system, called Intellivent, into their I-SPAN panels. LP soffit comes in a variety of colors.

To complement the vinyl soffit on your home, Direct Source offers a variety of colors of aluminum fascia. Aluminum fascia and trim provides the homeowner with virtually maintenance-free care.

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